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Rug Repair & Restoration

Before you decide to replace your worn out carpet, take a look at Rug Repair & Restoration services. We provide impeccable carpet dyeing, carpet patching, carpet stretching and all sorts of carpet repair services that can magically restore your old carpet to its former glory. This does away the need to spend thousands of dollars to replace your old carpet and help reduce your carbon footprints.

We have all the right tools and equipment to ensure that your carpet repair is carried out in a quick and professional manner. Our technicians are trained and certified to not only handle the equipment and tools efficiently, but to also carry out prompt and efficient carpet repair services. We use a variety of methods to repair your carpet and our methods are chosen based on the type of carpet and the damage it has sustained. You will love the results our carpet repair services have to offer, as no one will know that you have had your carpet fixed.

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