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Apadana Comfort 05878G10 Machine Made Rug

Original price R 5,500.00
Current price R 2,750.00
The comfort rug is basically a shaggy rug, called so because they have a deep pile  featuring long-haired fibers that are soft to touch. They have a very comforting , soothing effect.

Shag carpets are unique in their appearance, which is defined by their tall tufts and long fluffy fibers. They were considered trendy in the 1960s and 1970s, after which they fell out of fashion. Luckily, today they have made a comeback with a more contemporary appearance. Another essential aspect to consider is carpet placement. Generally, shag carpets should be placed in locations with low traffic. So a study room, a bedroom, or a solitary hallway would be a perfect choice!