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Gabbeh 54106 Handmade Rug 147cm x 102cm

Original price R 10,000.00
Current price R 4,500.00
The Gabbeh rugs are probably the most well-known handmade carpets from Iran. Made from handspun wool, both in the pile and warp, and the yarns are dyed using plant dyes. The Gabbeh rugs are much more thicker than other Persian carpets, sometimes up to 2.5 cm thick. Gabbeh Rugs have a traditional Persian Design and is characterized by an abstract design that relies upon a lively blend of colors and geometric shapes. The design on Gabbeh rugs are very simple with one solid background color with several decorative, mostly rectangular objects mainly animals. A Gabbeh rug generally has bright colors, such as yellow, blue and red.