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Persian Kashan Darbari 51067 Handmade Rug 430cm x 295cm

Original price R 130,000.00
Current price R 52,000.00
The Kashan Darbari also called the King Design (because is was designed by King Shah during the reign of the Safavid Dynasty), the Kashan Darbari is an investment, many of these designs are found in exclusive auctions - the city of Kashan was a very important city as a trading place & a resting spot during the silk trade. There is a rug in the London museum which was made in the 16th century in Kashan (the famous Ardebil carpet). The carpets are manufactured with high knot density with Persian knot, warp and weft of cotton and the wool for the pile is of high quality. The patterns consists of beautifully designed medallions, niches, trees and figural motifs and all-over floral motifs occur also. Dominating colors are blue, red and beige.