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Lori 9247 Handmade Runner 450cm x 80cm

Original price R 20,000.00
Current price R 8,000.00

Among tribal rugs, the Lori rug is one of the most notable due to its rarity. Yet, its scarcity can likely be attributed to, at times, the unscientific field of rug classification. Like others who have struggled to make a name for themselves in rug history, many carpets which would otherwise be categorized as Lori rugs sometimes fall under another distinction altogether. These categories include Qashqai, Khamseh, Baktiyar, Isfahan and Village Persian rugs, each of which are well-known among those who study antique rugs, as well as the collectors who seek them out.

Another reason Lori rugs have become uncommon in the marketplace is owed to the Lurish tribes themselves. Even though the population of Lurish peoples living inside of Iran has reached an estimated 5 million, their nomadic leanings and isolation from more commercialized areas offers them fewer opportunities to access buyers of authentic Persian rugs.