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Tabriz Handmade Rug 7160 300cm x 200cm

Original price R 40,000.00
Current price R 24,000.00
The city of Tabriz is one of the largest cities in Iran, situated 600km from Teheran. The term Raj in connection with the name of Tabriz carpets refers to the number of knots in a 70 mm span range. 40 Raj refers to carpets with 400-500.000 knots/m2, 50 Raj to carpets with approximately 500-600.000 knots/m2, 60 Raj to carpets with 600-800.000 knots/m2. Today the manufacturing of carpets is extensive and the quality varies. A good Tabriz has a short and rough pile. The patterns can consist of a centrally placed medallion surrounded by arabesques, weeping willows and cypresses. Another popular motif is the four seasons which describes the life of the Persian farmer during spring, summer, autumn and winter.