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Apadana Hand Made Rug Kashan 30540 (350cm x 250cm)

Original price R 29,000.00
Current price R 14,500.00

The rugs made in Kashan are instantly recognizable as being some of the most beautiful and famous of all Persian rugs. For many, when they think of a Persian rug, the image they see in their head is that of the traditional Kashan rug with central medallion on a red field with navy and ivory borders.

The rugs are knotted using the Persian knot, tied to a cotton or for the finer rugs, silk foundation (warp and weft).

The city of Kashan and its surrounding area is encircled by desert and therefore does not have a good source of local materials; originally Merino wool was imported from Manchester was used to create some of Iran's finest carpets. In more recent times Kashan rugs have used wool sourced from Sabzevar, which produces some of the very best wool in Iran.